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KAPTAIN is a European company established in Greece, with windows experience since 1990.
Expanding in many European markets, KAPTAIN S.A.

We are a family-run business and we produce handmade spoon sweets, drawing our inspiration for making them, from traditional recipes that we have kept unchanged for three generations.


Konstantinos Lalikos owns an impressive land planted, exclusively, with French varieties and located on one of the highest Paggaio points, at a height of 750 meters.


The art of wine from generation to generation …

In 1998, Konstantinos Pyrgakis, the founder of the family company Pyrgaki’s Winery, produced his first wine from his own vineyards.


Sunouzo - a Greek homemade product was born as an idea many years ago.  As the thought matured, it came to be created only in 2016, by people who love to offer high-quality products.

HELIXLAND – Snail Cosmetics
HELIXLAND – Snails Gourmet Products
“Helixland” is a company that operates in the field of snail farming. Our unit complies with all the regulations and conditions of the Greek state for its operation. 


OLIVA NATURA - olives, olive oil

The company OLIVA NATURA operates in the field of traditional products from 2009 with retail stores in Heraklion Crete.


Microbrewery of Serres and Northern Greece was founded in 2013, trading under the name “Siris Microbrewery”, with head office in Serres, by people who love fine beers and gastronomy.